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Any inclusive recruitment success must be followed up with genuine development opportunities that are equally inclusive. Many organisations have experienced failure when it comes to retaining employees from a range of backgrounds; when we are told why, we have a duty to listen, and to act. The work environment must feel like a safe place for all, free from bias and discrimination. On top of that, staff development and chances for career progression should be demonstrably open to all.

How do I do it?

  • Ensure racially motivated discrimination or harassment is thoroughly investigated and tackled effectively
  • Have a public anti-racism policy
  • Investigate any biases in staff assessments and employee progression, and address them
  • Are staff from underrepresented groups being overlooked for promotion? If yes, figure out why
  • Listen to the experiences of underrepresented groups – do they feel authentic career development is offered at your organisation
  • Look to proactively progress the careers of staff from underrepresented backgrounds. Read the guidance on how to do it and seek out partnerships or training from experts.
  • Invest in quality diversity training for staff who making decisions on promoting and hiring employees
  • Workplace support is key in retaining diverse staff. Make use of the resources that outline how you can create a workplace where all staff feel included and can be their authentic selves
  • Learn how to make staff meetings more inclusive
  • Investigate pay inequality in your organisation and commit to pay equity
  • Be transparent with pay and diversity data – ideally publishing it annually
  • Review how staff can raise complaint about workplace behaviour; ensure staff feel able to speak up without negative repercussions, and that incidents will be taken seriously and addressed appropriately
  • Look out for programs, initiatives and networking opportunities that could enhance diversity and inclusion in a positive way for your workplace
  • Acknowledge that racism and discrimination exist. Be in a mindset to change it.

This website focuses on ethno-cultural, migrant, refugee and minority ethnic racial equity in the arts and creative sector.  Working with First Nations communities and cultural material requires very specific frameworks, protocols and standards that this website does not attempt to address. Find out more.

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