Develop an anti-racism policy

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For many people, racism is an everyday experience. In 2018 the Scanlon Foundation found that one in five Australians report having experienced racial discrimination during the previous 12 months, while the Guardian’s 2018 Bias in Britain project found that 43% of people regularly experience bias because of their ethnicity.

Anti-Racism actions can be taken at personal, interpersonal, organisational and structural levels. Developing a policy at the organisational level affirms your commitment to ensuring respect and equity for all people in your organisation.

Your policy should work in tandem with your equity and inclusion policy. It should set expectations for the workplace, a complaints process, and the consequences for breaches of the policy. It must be endorsed by your leadership.

How do I do it?

Look over policy templates and the policies of other arts organisations to see how others have tackled the problem. Consult within your organisation, communities and networks to refine your policy goals. Policy goals must be backed up with an implementation strategy.

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