Case Studies of Success

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Working to improve racial equity in your organisation can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. Systemic barriers, historic inequities, cultural blindspots and misunderstandings can make this complex and sensitive work.

Case studies can offer tangible examples of strategies and actions that work. They illuminate the transformative power of creating safe spaces and highlight the positive impact on artists, communities and society. It can help to be reminded that this difficult work is being undertaken by arts organisations all over the world working towards a more equitable and inclusive arts sector.

How do I do it?

The Creative Equity Toolkit’s First Nations partners Garuwa have created case studies investigating leading practices in Australian First Nations creative projects and collaborations, led by First Nations researchers and producers.

The Creative Equity Toolkit Imagine project scoured the world to identify ground-breaking work in advancing cultural diversity and racial equity in the arts. The result? Sixty-one inspiring case studies researched and written by writers of colour, spotlighting success stories from Australia, Egypt, Nigeria, Brazil, Malaysia, Peru, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Tanzania, Singapore, Ethiopia, Colombia, Jordan and the Occupied Territory of Palestine. The project was managed by Diversity Arts Australia (DARTS) and supported by the Australia Council’s Re-Imagine project and Creative Equity Toolkit partner, British Council Australia. Find out more about Imagine Australia.


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