Organisational Culture

Creating an organisational culture that is diverse and inclusive is imperative for a happy, productive and healthy workforce. The culture of an organisation is the determined by values, norms, and traditions which are underpinned by codes of conduct, behaviour, policies and strong leadership.

Creating a strong workplace culture in terms of cultural diversity and inclusion, involves the ability to develop an awareness, respect and understanding of one’s own cultural world-view, knowledge of other cultural practices and world-views, tolerant attitudes towards cultural differences, and cross-cultural skills.

The University of Sydney offer a user friendly infographic resource called Counting Culture which offers 4+ simple steps in how to deeply understand and measure the cultural diversity of your workplace.

This website focuses on ethno-cultural, migrant, refugee and minority ethnic racial equity in the arts and creative sector.  Working with First Nations communities and cultural material requires very specific frameworks, protocols and standards that this website does not attempt to address. Find out more.

Actions you can take in relation
to Organisational Culture

Conduct a workplace survey

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Create training and development opportunities

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Develop a cultural safety strategy

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Develop an organisational culture policy

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