Integrate diversity and inclusion in your company vision

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You want to improve diversity and inclusion practices within your organisation in order to offer more robust products and services, have fewer blind spots, and develop a more innovative culture — but more importantly, because it’s the right thing to do. But now you need the right words to express your goal to the organisation. Without buy-in and commitment at every level, you run the risk of not engaging all stakeholders.

Writing a diversity and inclusion vision statement as part of your governance policy package can be very effective. This statement both compels readers to engage, communicates strategy and sets the tone or culture of your workplace.

How do I do it?

  • Draw up a diversity and inclusion mission and vision statement encapsulating the values of your workplace — aimed at continuous improvement
  • Monitor and evaluate compliance with the vision and hold yourself accountable for it as a member of the leadership team
  • Create a diversity and inclusion action plan and strategy with the support of your team
  • Write up a diversity, inclusion and equality policy
  • Write up a bullying and harassment policy
  • Write up an anti-racism strategy
  • Develop strategic partnerships in line with your diversity and inclusion values and vision

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