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How we design job advertisements, where we advertise, how we select a candidate pool and how we interview can all contain barriers to building a diverse workforce that we are often unaware of. Stay up-to-date with the most relevant emerging ideas in the field of inclusive hiring practices with these resources.

Browse concise advice and tips aimed at human resources teams, recruitment professionals and hiring managers in the arts and media, as well as in-depth articles and reports that explore the thinking behind concepts such as unconscious bias and intersectionality, and how they impact the hiring and casting process.

Perspectives from experienced business professionals, racial justice advocates and those on the receiving end of recruitment practices and employment environments as they currently are (and historically have existed) are combined in this section of the toolkit.

This website focuses on ethno-cultural, migrant, refugee and minority ethnic racial equity in the arts and creative sector. Working with First Nations communities and cultural material requires very specific frameworks, protocols and standards that this website does not attempt to address. Find out more.


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