Make an evaluation plan

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Evaluation and monitoring must begin with an evaluation plan closely linked to your equity and inclusion strategy goals. The purpose of your evaluation plan is to capture meaningful evidence of the impact of your strategy, such as whether your diversity targets have been met.

How do I do it?

An evaluation plan should be set up at the time you build your diversity strategy, to be conducted either by internal or external evaluators.

Establish meaningful and measurable indicators for your goals and decide how you will collect data. Look over evaluation systems of other arts and equity organisations to see how others have approached the process. Consult with a diverse range of people and gather feedback and advice before rolling our your plan.

It’s a good idea to benchmark your status by collecting your chosen data before you begin any interventions and set up regular opportunities to collect the same data after you begin. You can then compare the data over time to determine if any change has occurred.


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