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If you’re working on a creative project that draws on another culture, a key issue is power. Of the three forms of cross-cultural engagement (consultation, collaboration or community-led), cultural consultation shares the least power. If you choose to consult, remember that you are retaining the power to ignore the advice you receive and, depending on the power arrangements, you may not be getting a fully rounded answer. This undermines the credibility of your representation of the other culture.

Keep your project’s power relationships in the foreground to avoid issues such as cultural appropriation and stereotyping.

How do I do it?

Ask questions such as:

  • Who benefits from this project?
  • Who has artistic control?
  • Who is making money from this project?
  • Who has the final decision on how cultures are represented and portrayed?

You can download tools and worksheets that can help you quickly identify the value of a project to different stakeholders and define power relationships, benefits and financial gain.

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