Question colonial contexts and find new approaches

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Is your approach tied to biased and colonial ways of thinking? How can you transform what you do to make it authentically inclusive and begin to break away from practices and attitudes rooted in the injustices of the past and present?

Much of the difficult terrain we navigate in collaborative work is associated with access to capital, social networks and general resources, all which tie back to colonisation. A decolonial approach must also be aware of and reckon with the current limits of the systems we find ourselves in.

Whether you are reading this from the stolen lands named Australia, or from a number of countries colonised, brutalised and robbed of their capital, it’s important to consider that individual actions tie back to community behaviour, and historical incidents and precedence. So in order to question your own behaviour and why it may cause hurt and destruction, in spite of intentions, it’s important to understand the context which we all exist in nation states.

Challenging a colonial mindset takes time, and a lot of work. Because there are many obstacles along the way, it’s important to build solidarity and offer yourself kindness.

In doing so, we must understand that this work exists within the limits of current systems, and is an imperfect and long term endeavour. Getting this right this is not a destination, but a process.

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