Collaborate and reciprocate; don't appropriate

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Cultural appropriation comes in many forms. These resources uncover the difference between appreciation and appropriation; what is meant by ‘the invader, the tourist and the guest’; and, how a respectful and non-extractive approach can result in the best creative outcomes.

Key to a non-extractive approach is the sharing of material resources and economic acts like fair payment.

Reciprocal relationships are often the most fruitful. Whether approaching custodians of ancestral land or inviting members of marginalised communities for input on a project, the best way forward is to seek mutual benefits and a lasting connection. 

Ask yourself: 

  • Has there been a fair and reasonable exchange between parties?
  • Is it possible to give more money and credit to those whose work, ideas and creativity have assisted your project? 
  • Are the rewards, whether financial, social, or status-related, being shared?
  • Can ensure any long term benefits or ongoing connection with the community to support their own visions and goals?

You may be able to provide material resources to a community to recognise their input and effort, but in the long term who stands to benefit from this work?

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