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Online and ‘offline’ ethnic media (in English and other languages) have deep links to the community they serve – and they act as a bridge between different groups within a community.

Ethnic media have social media suites, great websites, and digital replica papers. The ethnic radio network is large and one of the most persuasive one-to-many forms of communications.

Importantly ethnic media are also institutions. For example, in Australia they communicate to a combined monthly national audience of over 4 million and can create intergenerational word-of-mouth.

By combining digital tools with ethnic media ecology, you can build powerful links into communities.

Work with ethnic media to develop print, digital and electronic media campaigns to target specific communities. Enhance the powerful word-of-mouth that gets the audiences on board.

Digital tools can also facilitate conversations and participation. A key part of audience development is to ‘get out and about’, to build relationships with professional associations, women’s and cultural associations and cultural groups (like language schools). Digital tools can be a way to connect and to find these groups.

As smartphone and computer usage increases around the world, you can adapt to how communities operate and meet them where they are.

This website focuses on ethno-cultural, migrant, refugee and minority ethnic racial equity in the arts and creative sector. Working with First Nations communities and cultural material requires very specific frameworks, protocols and standards that this website does not attempt to address. Find out more.

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