Pull focus from individuals to structures

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Debates about racism often become focused on specific actions by individuals, such as discriminatory decisions or problematic aspects of one artist’s work. Calling out these instances is important, but what about the systems that enabled them to occur in the first place?

Reactive measures, such as individual resignations or the removal of problematic material, must work in tandem with proactive changes to organisational structures and processes to stop mistakes being made.

How do I do it?

Organisations can put in place quality assurance mechanisms to ensure they achieve anti-racism and equity standards.

Decision-making functions, such as in programming, commissioning, funding, curating and serving on selection panels for awards and festivals, must include diverse voices. Without diverse representation in decision-making roles, organisations run the risk of failing to identify problems, and then amplifying problematic material by providing it with platforms, funding or other resources.

Decision-making processes can also include a checkpoint that ensures stereotypes, racism and discrimination are not part of the project.


Photo by Luis Zheji.

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